What is blue light and why do I need protection?

Blue light is a type of light wave emitted by computers, smartphones, televisions, and the sun. While sunlight is spectacular, it's only supposed to shine in our eyes during the daytime. At night, blue light exposure interferes with our circadian rhythm and disrupts sleep by suppressing melatonin production.

Studies show anti-blue light glasses improve sleep quality and overall mood. 

Which magnification strength should I order?

If you are new to reading glasses, you likely don't need high magnification. Optometrists generally recommend +1.0 to +1.5 for people in their 40s, gradually increasing by the decade.

If you'd like to test, print this page on your printer. The chart below is 5 inches wide. Please make sure it is 5 inches wide on your printed copy. To find the strength you need, read the following Test Chart WITHOUT GLASSES from a distance of about 14 inches.

The first line you have difficulty reading is the correct magnification to order.